Volunteers in Service to Education in India, Inc.(VSEI)

A nonprofit, tax-exempt organization working to help education in India

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Education plays a fundamental role in all development. In India, the role of education is particularly important in this stage of its evolution. VSEI ( Volunteers in Service to Education in India, Inc.) is an organization dedicated to helping development in India by assisting education and making it more relevant.

There are many in the world who are much less fortunate than ourselves, who deserve our attention and help. VSEI (Volunteers in Service to Education in India) provides you opportunities and mechanisms for helping such people.

VSEI has representatives in different parts of the USA and in Canada. For funding its projects in India, VSEI depends largely on tax-deductible contributions from individuals, groups and institutions. VSEI invites the help of all interested persons in its program of work.

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Children in Rural School near Baroda,Gujarat

Vocational Education Class in Chennai

Class in Rural School near Kolkata, West Bengal

Speech Therapy Session for Hearing Impaired Women in New Delhi

Computer Education Workshop for Teachers in Bangalore

Vocational Training of a Blind Person

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You can help the education and welfare of children and women in India in different ways through V.S.E.I.; Some of these are:

  1. "Adopt" one or more VSEI projects, help with your generous tax-deductible contributions, and help get support for these projects from others also.
  2. Help establish scholarships for needy, deserving children, e.g. in the name of someone you wish to honor.
  3. Help in VSEI's fund-raising work, esp. in getting donations for funding our projects.
  4. Sponsor a needy child through the VSEI Sponsor-a-Child Plan, and help find other long-term sponsors.
  5. Become a member, and encourage others to become members.

[ Please note that the complete amount of your donations for projects will be used to benefit one or more projects in India. ]

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